KIDO Sports Co. LTD (KIDO Sports), designs and manufactures industry leading,
cutting edge motorcycle helmets and protective gear, engineered by some
of the world’s most sought-after helmet designers. Mr. Jang Park teamed up
with top helmet engineers in 2002 to help build Kido Sport’s “Big Nest” factory
in China using Korean sub-materials and engineering expertise. With a truly
vertical business platform, Kido is able to reach the end consumer with a
much higher quality/value proposition than many of the distributed brands
in the marketplace.

Mission: Kido aims to challenge the status quo of the commodity market
with innovative and intelligently designed products that raise the
standards of how people think about their gear.

Identity: We believe that quality, value, and profitability are not mutually
exclusive. We create products that enhance our customer’s
experiences and change the way they think about their gear.
We are committed to the fundamental principles of
partnership, profitability, and progress. We believe in
sustained profitability through mutual growth and dedicated
communication. Our team is our core strength and customer
satisfaction is our core focus.